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USA Taekwondo Center is a Kukkiwon Certified School, which is very important to an individuals in martial arts training. Being a Kukkiwon school means that we are held to the strictest standards by the Kukkiwon who oversees Taekwondo world wide. As you train at our school, when you obtain your Black Belt, because you have achieved it with the Kukkiwon's approval, you will be recognized as a black belt both Nationally and Internationally. There are many, many Taekwondo schools, but unless they have the Kukkiwon approval, the black belt is only as good as the piece of paper it is written on.
In addition to our affiliation with the Kukkiwon, USA Taekwondo Center has a heritage rooted originally in the Korean Moo Duk Kwan. We are also associated with USA Taekwondo giving us access to the Olympic Taekwondo circuit in the U.S., and to the International Olympic Taekwondo circuit through the World Taekwondo Federation. If you are considering starting your Taekwondo journey, or continuing on from your present journey, we invite you to come visit us! We'd love to have the opportunity to have you as part of our Taekwondo family!

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About Us

Master Veiko Kreis 7th Dan black belt Kukkiwon Certified Moo Duk Kwan Certified USAT Level I coach Master Instructor Master Kreis trained under Grandmaster K.C.Chung, 9th Dan Black Belt who is a President of Pan Am Moo Duk Kwan Association and President of the World Tae Kwon Do Association..
Master Inga Kreis 6th Dan black belt Kukkiwon Certified Moo Duk Kwan Certified Senior Instructor After School Program Director

Ms Krislin Kreis Kukkiwon certified 4th Dan black belt Instructor
Master Chris Kreis 6th Dan black belt Kukkiwon Certified Moo Duk Kwan Certified Instructor 2012 Puerto Rico Open International Sparring SILVER 2011 Pan Am Open Taekwondo Championship, Sparring BRONZE 2011 U.S.Open Taekwondo Championship Sparring BRONZE 2011 Florida State Championship Sparring SILVER 2010 Copa Colombia Open Sparring GOLD 2010 Florida State Championship Sparring GOLD 2009 Florida State Championship Poomsae Competition GOLD 2009 KIssimmee National Qualifier Sparring BRONZE

Great Grandmaster Jae Kyu Chon 9th Dan Black belt Moo Duk Kwan President South Korea
Grandmaster K.C.Chung 9th Dan Black belt Pan American Moo Duk Kwan President

Children’s Programs

11224650_923756144371085_4186001268911808173_o Martial Arts training is good for kids with a lot of energy and talent and also who are very shy. Taekwondo builds leadership skills, self-confidence and it particularly has positive benefits for kids with ADD or ADHD. In Children's Programs we put the emphasis on art in martial arts. We view Taekwondo as a way to improve one's body, mind and character, and not just a form of physical competition. Our standards for students are very high, but so are our standards for teaching. Children learn the Five Tenets of Taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self- control and indomitable spirit. The tenets are discussed in class frequently and as children rise through the belt ranks, you see them come to truly understand each tenet and incorporate it into their lives. We offer traditional Tae Kwon Do classes and also competitive Sparring. Whether your goal is to become a black belt or to be the next champion, we have a program for you.

Children's Taekwondo

Our Taekwondo lessons go far beyond teaching children how to punch and kick. We teach them about the importance of setting goals, help them to become strong and confident. We focus on quality instruction and personal attention and all students are treated as individuals. All of our classes are taught by highly trained instructors committed to excellence and continued learning. You'll feel safe knowing your child is receiving the finest instruction possible! Class times: Monday, Wednesday 5.30 – 6.15pm, Friday 5.15 – 6pm Sparring: Tuesday 5.15 - 6pm

After School Program

Our After School Program provides your child with a fun and exciting after school experience as they learn Martial Arts skills and related values.
  • Complimentary transportation from your child's school to USA Taekwondo Center.
  • Classrooms for study and homework
  • Daily Taekwondo class
  • 2 activity rooms
The following schools are currently picked up for our After School Program, if you don't see your school on this list please give us a call 239-561-9470 Tanglewood Elem, Villas Elem, Ray V. Pottorf, Heights Elem, Heights Charter school, Crestwell, ECS and Dunbar Middle School.


Summer Camp June 3 - Aug 9  /  7:30am - 6:00pm

$160 a week if picked up by 3pm

                                        $180 a week  if picked up after 3pm

Daily Camp available $50 per day

Camps are for all ages.

Spring Camp      March 18 - 22 Summer Camp    June 3 - Aug 9 Winter Camp       January 2nd - 8th

Our camp is designed for children who enjoy an active environment.. Each day they will participate in the same class curriculum as a full time taekwondo student allowing them to continue their martial arts training once the camp is over. Campers can expect improvements in coordination, focus and physical fitness. Best of all, no martial arts experience is required as your child learns the value of good manners and doing their best! We offer a low child to counselor ratio, providing the best attention and quality instruction your child deserves. All our instructors are First Aid & CPR certified. Our staff has been fingerprinted and have undergone criminal background checks. We encourage you to come and visit our facility.

Please fill out the form below, you may email or drop it off at our location: 6251 Commerce Park Dr Fort Myers, FL 33966. Please do not try to fax it.

2024 Summer Camp Agreement

Liability Agreement

Adult Programs

We have specific classes that are designed to meet the needs of a brand new student that is attending for the very first time. Knowing how to defend yourself and loved ones in a potentially dangerous situation is an asset in today’s world just as it was hundreds of years ago. Our goal is not to teach people to fight those who argue or disagree, but to teach them the confidence to defend themselves when necessary. If you have ever considered learning Martial Arts, this is the place to do it. When you visit our School, you’ll find we hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety and excellence.

Monday & Wednesday 6.30pm – 7.15pm,

Tuesday & Thursday 6.00pm - 6.45pm

Sparring: Tuesday 5pm – 6pm



We want to know what you think about our website, our school, and the programs we offer. For questions or comments, please contact Mrs. Kreis at our email: usataekwondocenter@comcast.net or you can just fill out the simple form below.
Or you can call us at (239) 561-9470.

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    My children have been members of USA Taekwondo Center for ten years. Being part of this program has been an incredible experience for them, and for me. I have watched them mature and grow beyond my wildest dreams in this program. Masters Kreis are strict yet caring and run an impeccable, professional program. I am constantly recommending USA Taekwondo Center to friends for the discipline and respect a child can learn here, for the self-defense aspect (especially for our daughters), and lastly, for the invaluable aspect of beginning a program with the knowlegde that the culmination of hard work and dedication will result in a Black Belt in Taekwondo. This Black Belt, unlike other programs such as ballerina/dance classes or junior sports programs, is something my children will have with them for the rest of their lives. They will walk away with, not a series of small trophies for participation in junior sports, but a Black Belt that they can use to defend themselves, as a priceless line in their college resume/applications, and as a lifelong example of discipline and dedication. USA Taekwondo Center’s program has been THE BEST investment I have made in my children. It comes with my highest recommendation. Roxy Hambleton, CPO Dylan is making a change from Earth to Heaven. He started being a really stubborn boy with almost no respect to others and not able to control himself. But thanks to all the experienced support and patient form Usa taekwondo Center, he is learning to respect himself and others, to control his emotions and to accept when things doesn’t go his way. I really recommend this program to anybody that want more then discipline to their children. And also recommend Kick – Fit for the adults that want to improve their physical condition and also a way to relax the mind and body. Thanks Usa Taekwondo Center Sandra Martinez Denis always been a very polite, respectful, and well behaved child. Taekwondo has certainly reinforced and strengthened these qualities. He has developed more focus and now finds easier to set goals. Earning a Black Belt is a perfect example. We have observed improvements in his coordination and a greater concern on his part to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Master Kreis Mr Steven